Árstíðir ( ISL )

Ort und Zeit
  • Do, 20. Dez 2018, ab 20.30 Uhr
  • Eintritt: VVK 22,– (zzgl. VVK-Gebühren) / AK 25,–
  • Großer Saal
  • Konzert

"A Special Holiday Concert With Árstíðir Winter Tour 2019"

Árstíðir describes this special tour like this:

"For ten years now we've been playing special holiday shows in the Fríkirkjan Church in Reykjavík, mixing our own material with traditional Icelandic christmas songs that we arrange specifically for the occasion. This December we're bringing the show on the road in Europe!

A lot of you have seen the youtube recordings through the years and expressed the desire to one day experience this in person - and so we're super happy to finally be able to bring this show to you. See you in December!"

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